Design Trends That Are Getting More Popular

Here is a list of some of the design trends that we see becoming more important, that smart website owners will be incorporating into their sites.

  1. Social Media embeds

The rise of social media continues, it just keeps growing and growing.  Social media has swallowed many industries one of which is the news.  Only old people actually watch the traditional news on TV or actually go to traditional news websites.

Everyone else gets there news from social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Tik Tok.  It is crucial to include social media into your website.  Well, fortunately this is easy to do.  Especially on a content management platform like WordPress.

On WordPress you can usually just take the URL of the social media and drop that on the Page or Post and it will populate.  If that does not work, you can copy the embed code and drop that into that into the html editor and it will populate.  WordPress makes it easy to understand and you can go to this page to learn more about embeds.

This makes it super easy to embed from all the popular sites.  This is also good for your website, because you can get traffic from your social media account to your website.  It is a simple method to add rich media to your web pages that will keep your visitor engaged with your content and also keep them on your website for longer.

  1. Ads that have ads

Everyone can tell a desperate website that sucks.  You know what I’m talking about.  The super aggravating sites that have a clickbait title for an article, but then when you go to read the article, you basically can’t.

The reason is because of all the darn adds and popups.  They want your email for their newsletter.  They have sidebar ads, then they have pop up ads.  Then they have those annoying footer bar ads.  So instead of reading an article, you come to a web page and you are just destroying as many ads as you can, so you can read, then you just hit the BACK button to get the hell off that page.

This nonsense will stop.  It’s not sustainable.  Veteran website design experts like those at the firm Still Web Developer say that the website owners are doing this b.s. because they are desperate for revenue, they don’t sell a product, or at least a decent one, so they try to make a living with ad monetization.  And of course they overdo it.

This won’t last because web viewers hate it.  And Google will probably put a clamp down on these types of sites, and they it won’t be worth it to advertise on them anymore.

Basically, don’t trash your website with Ads on top of Ads.

  1. Black and White Design

There is a reason why black and white photos will never go out of style.  The is also a reason why simple black and white web design will never go out of style and that is because the black and white design is timeless.  It is classy.  It is a clean design.

When you have less to work with, in the idea that you have less colors, only two, then you have to get more creative and imaginative.  A black and white layout helps you to cut out the noise and focus on the message you are trying to convey.

Black and white is definitely a trend that is increasing, although it never really went away.

Here’s a great article to read on Black and White design:

  1. Chatbots

If you thought 2019 was bad for chatbots, well you are going to love 2020.  Chatbots, which blew up in popularity in 2019 are continuing that trend in 2020.

“Oh, chatbots are great!  They drive you’re conversions up 10,000% and your customers love them because they are instant and they can don’t have to talk to a real person.”  – Total B.S.

The marketing of chatbots has been excellent.  They have convinced tons of people to use them.  But I have never had a good experience with a chatbot.  And I don’t know anyone that has had a good experience with a chatbot or anyone that likes chatbots.

Correction, the people I’ve met that like chatbots are the people that sell chatbots.  I’ve never met happy chatbot users.

The reality is your user hates your chatbot.  They are like the stupid voicemail machines at Verizon Wireless, when all you want to do is talk to a real human customer service representative.  Chatbots are about as much fun as pop up ads.

But so far, chatbots are undefeated.  And terrible websites everywhere are adding them to their sites.

  1. Lots of Whitespace

This on is more of keeping in trends that we want to see more of, like the rise of Black and White, and that is Whitespace.  Another way to think of Whitespace, and to help differentiate it from Black and White, is the idea of “negative space”.

This negative space is essentially the areas of nothingness that are between blocks of text or images or other elements on the screen.  It is a minimalist approach that gives more balance to a page.

Pages that incorporate more negative space are easier to read, and hurt your eyes less.  It’s easier to draw your visitors’ attention to the action you want them to take.  And they are also likely to stay on the page longer, because it is a quitter less distracting experience.

We recommend this article to learn more about Whitespace: Whitespace in Web Design: What It Is and Why You Should Use It

In a cluttered world of Push Notifications (no I don’t want you to send me notifications!), pop up ads, and chatbots, we think that the pendulum is ready to swing to a web that rewards sites that give their visitors a better experience.

We are excited for the future of better more thoughtfully designed websites!