A Tour of the Chicago Area

Where we are getting underway but of course the announcements first. Safety is very important is your shoreline so ends up falls down, stay hydrated.

If you are thirsty that’s the future, please grab some water. Fellini but she’s also got soda back there, lemonade she’s got chips and pretzels she does have cocktails it’s 5 o’clock somewhere.

Hey Margaritaville!

You larger than two or four feet across the deepest point about 25 feet deep average, about 20 or so. For a long time this was a toxic industrial river. 1679 they were trying to find a central route through the Americas and the Chicago River ended of the south.

You can’t actually get to O’Hare International Airport often on business. The highway we just passed under is Lakeshore Drive, that’s one of our major highways that wraps around the outer edge of the city, and to this day it is one of my favorite views of the city.

We have our beautiful skyline on one side were for because we like the buildings that they actually say what and stay together.

The mana left inside is a triangle shaped building with alternating roof and dirt. We bless this triangle shape building Mrs. Hotel architect hairy beast and associate the airy ways he loves nautical themes.

He loves boating. It’s a lot of his buildings have each triangle shapes as if their sails on a boat. Now the cool part built back in 2009 by Jeanne gang and associates and not was actually third tallest building in the world.

Of course, designed by a female led of architecture firm so that’s pretty cool.

No two balconies are the same everyone has unique floor plans. On the right hand side is the stone the yellow onion dome at the top that is Intercontinental Hotel

That onion dome up there used to be a live duck. Yes they up in the future everyone would travel by their own personal blue. Much like people have personal Jets now to be on the very forefront of that technology. They installed this blink dome problem. I spent the time and money to do that well the great ice cream disaster have it Brinkley.

Go and they just ate it briefly so they built an empire but I have the accident itself covered in that beautiful white glaze terracotta, which is very sensitive that building has to be hand washed every five to ten years.

So you cannot power wash that building you will destroy it!

The silver tall tower directed from the vessel here is our second tallest building here in Chicago. Ninety six stories tall one thousand three hundred and eighty nine feet.

This tower you may have noticed has a very ambiguous name, so I don’t know if we can guess the name of this memory.

Everyone knows that now in Marina City it was designed to be a city within a city. To us all of your modern communities in the same building there are of course shops and restaurants. There is a bowling alley an ice skating rink a theater which is now the House of Blues and of course you’re calling marina.